I first tried on a pair of Ecotrek Pants while on a trip to Glorietta, New Mexico. I instantly fell in love with the fit and color. The caramel color is a neutral tone, with a classic outdoorsy vibe. The fabric is light weight and not at all restrictive, but still hugs my body in all the right places. I love pairing them with a bold colored top for a feminine look.

While in New Mexico they were perfect for hikes in the dessert tundra. We went bouldering and my legs were protected from the scrub brush, while allowing me to freely move up the rock. The fabric seems to do well at shedding dirt and moisture.

Due to their weight, the Ecotrek pants make a perfect option for packing light. I rolled these pants up into my Revelate bike frame bag for my Bikepacking trips this past fall. I wore them around the campfire and brisk early mornings, they were also my backup rain gear though I never had to test them.

I joined a group of guys for their “First Saturday Ops” Airsoft game in Joplin Missouri. We ran, crawled and hid out in a field in freezing temps with snow. I choose to wore my Ecotrek pants with base layer thermals underneath. By the end of the day, my husband had a wet bottom in his fleece lined pants while I remained completely dry. I had a few field burrs but they easily brushed off. These pants have been my go-to for most of our recent outdoor adventures. Camping, climbing, biking, hiking and I imagine so many other adventures can be done in these pants. I love the strong color options as well as the sizing. I look forward to a design more tailored to women!

Climbing photography by PattyVPhotography.